How to Choose a Right T-Shirt

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Looking for a right T-shirt? It is not as easy as what you expected. There are many breakdowns that you need to consider to make sure you choose the right one. I am going to show you 4 relevant categories that you need to consider.

1. The Fitness

There are 3 common styles when it comes to men clothes:

  • Slim Fit: This one can hug your body tightly and show off your muscle. If you have been workout for quite sometimes, it is time to show off.
  • Regular Fit: If you’re looking the T-shirt that make you feel comfortable but not too loose, this is the best choice. It is not so tight nor so loose, just perfectly fit.
  • Relaxed Fit: This one makes you feel completely relaxed (as the name of it) because it is a bit loose compared to Regular fit above.

2. Body Shape

Determine body shape is based on the width of 3 different top parts shoulder, waist, and hip. Your body shape should fall into one of these categories:

5 body shape
  • Triangle: As you can imagine the triangle shape, it shows the tip at top and base on the bottom. Some guys have wider hip comparing with the smaller shoulder size. Normally, regular fit looks great with this first body type.  
  • Inverted triangle: With the opposite direction of the first body type, any men who have wider shoulder than waist and hip. Most muscular men will fall into this category. It’s also called V-shape. Obviously, we want to show-off our good-looking body shape (since it takes a lot of efforts to have), so the slim fit would be a perfect match.
  • Rectangle: Any guys who have all same width of the 3 top body areas will fall into this category. The regular fit T-shirt is the best choice for this body type. 
  • Oval: Smaller shoulders and hip is the illusion of oval shape. Hopefully, you do not need to feel bad if this is your category. You just need to choose the right T-shirt type. For this one, I recommend the relaxed fit T-shirt, since it’s not too tide to hug your body.  
  • Trapezium: This is one of the best body shapes. Some people get always confused this one and the rectangle since it’s just slightly different. The shoulder is a bit bigger than waist and hip. Slim fit size also looks great with this one.

3. Material

  • Cotton: This is the most common material for all t-shirt out there. It looks casual; The only thing we do not like about it is that it shrinks after few washes.
  • Polyester: This one normally applies to sport or outdoor wear. It’s flexible and not showing stain under your armpits while you are in action
  • Poly/Cotton blend: This is the one I recommend. Normally, the combination is 30/70. It is flexible and looks great with all any casual activities. Moreover, it is not shrinking after washing. 

4. Neck Shape Style

crew neck t-shirt
  • Crew Neck Style: This is one of the most common neck styles. It comes with the round shapes and works well with all body types. It is also known as round neck style. Most common T-shirt comes with this classic neckline.   
Scoop neck style
  • Scoop Neck style: Similar to crew neck, this one gives you a wider round neckline and sexual look. Since the neck is wider, it’ll give you a good sense of fashion and make you look attractive. This is my recommendation for muscular type shape. 
y neck t-shirt
  • Y neck: This is the combination of round and V neckline. It comes with the buttons few inches below the neckline. We can use as two different styles, round neck style when all buttons are closed and V neckline when all buttons are opened.
v neck style
  • V neck: With this neckline, it comes with the tip of V above your chest. This one looks great on muscular body builder especially for anyone has bigger chest. 
Polo neck t-shirt
  • Polo neck type: It comes with collar on the neck line and has buttons few inches below your neck. This type of neck style will make you look more formality.

All in all, T-shirt are the most common shirt that we wear every day, outdoor and indoor; however, there are many different things to consider in order to make us look good and fit in our style and choosing the right one is important since everyone has different shape; hence, we need different style. Everyone is awesome; we just need a right T-shirt. We believe the information above will help you choose the right one and boost your confidence publicly. Stay tune with our next article on

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